Now Powered by Jekyll

You might have noticed that my blog has undergone a bit of a change. I’m tired of messing with Wordpress, so I’ve converted it over to Jekyll. So far, it’s exactly what I want, primarily because I get to blog with Markdown rather than HTML now. Markdown seems to have become the defacto language of choice for many developers, since it easily allows for simple markup and inline code. Between Github and StackOverflow, I end up spending a lot of time writing in Markdown, so getting to use it for my blog is a very nice way to reduce mental friction. I’m hoping that it’ll get me blogging more, too.

I’ve done a lot of fun things lately, including the Dec 2012 Mashable rebuild, a multi-datacenter builtout for Mashable’s infrastructure (lots of fun challenges in that one!), and a good bit of open source work, most notably some work on the 10gen Mongo Ruby driver and a whole heck of a lot of updates to MongoMapper, which are coming along nicely and really bring the product into its own.

If I manage to squeeze out a bit of time soon, expect articles on one or more of the above!