Enabling brightness controls on an HP Envy 17 under Fedora 16

I’ve recently set up Fedora 16 on my laptop, and all has been smooth, save for the brightness switches. The on-screen display would show up when I used the fn-F2/fn-F3 key combinations, but the brightness just wouldn’t change. Additionally, the brightness was stuck at the lowest level.

Turns out there’s a pretty easy fix in the form of a couple of module parameters:

In /etc/defaults/grub, add the following kernel parameters:

video.brightness_switch_enabled=1 video.use_bios_initial_backlight=0

(You may also want to add radeon.modeset=1 and acpi_osi=Linux for this particular machine, but they aren’t related to the brightness fix.)

Then update your grub2 config:

grub2-mkconfig > /boot/grub2/grub.cfg

Reboot, and your brightness controls should work as expected. The brightness slider in GNOME still doesn’t work, but I’m content with hardware brightness controls over no brightness controls.